Awarded Tenders

Category Tender Description Tender No.
Legal and accounting activities DSM 44/19: Payment of Attorneys Zenobia Campbell vs Stellenbosch Municipality DSM 44/19
Services: Professional DSM 39/19: Appointment of Plan Associates Town and Regional Planners Inc. as the consulting team for the Enkanini Pilot project DSM 39/19
Services: Professional DSM 46/19: Traffic Officer Training: Gene Louw Traffic College (Transport and Public Works - WC) DSM 46/19
Services: Professional DSM 02/19: Consultant: 332 Temporary Housing units DSM 02/19
Services: General DSM 43/19: Urgent repairs to Wemmershoek WWTW Heat Exchanger Fans and Motors DSM 43/19
Legal and accounting activities DSM 42/19: Apply for interdict against owner of Erf 275 Klapmuts DSM 42/19
Legal and accounting activities DSM 41/19: Metro City Protection Services CC / The Municipality of Stellenbosch and Securitem Pty Ltd DSM 41/19
Legal and accounting activities DSM 40/19: Appontment of Attorneys to act on behalf of the Stellenbosch Municiality in the arbitration with the Stellenbosch Golf Club DSM 40/19
Services: Professional DSM 20/19: Appointment of consultant for Water and Sewer Master Planning and associated works DSM 20/19
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities DSM 30/19: Emergency repairs and safeguarding of vandalised Klapmuts Water pumpstation DSM 30/19
Telecommunications DSM 10/19: Appointment of Telkom SA SOC for the provision of Pure PRI & SIP voice services for a period starting 01 January 2019 until 30 June 2021 DSM 10/19
Services: Professional DSM 17/19: Appointment of service provider to read meters remotely via automated meter reading (AMR) system and manage metering services for large power users and small scale embedded generated consumers DSM 17/19
Services: Electrical DSM 27/19: Repairs on the vandalised doors of Mini substation Bassi/Long & mini substation Pappegaaiberg DSM 27/19
Legal and accounting activities DSM 19/19: Appointment of an initiator for disciplinary hearings of councillors DSM 19/19
Services: Professional DSM 15/19: Appointment of TSU Protection Services to prevent invasion of municipal land DSM 15/19