Vision and Mission

The purpose of the Office of the Chief Procurement officer is to :

  • Modernise the state supply chain management system to be fair, equatable, transparent competitive and cost-effective. In addition the OCPO facilitate procurement that enables the economic, effective and transparent utilisation of financial and other state resources including asstes, for improved service delivery; and 
  • To promote, support and enforce the transparent and effective management of state supply chain and the sound stewardship of government assets and resources.

The eTender  Publication Portal is an initiative from the OCPO to practically translate the purpose of the OCPO into reality. Some of the benefits of this portal will include:

  • Provide a tool where South African business and government meet digitally;
  • Reduce and hopefully elimitate duplication of costs and effort associated with traditional tender publications;
  • Improve competition for government business; and 
  • Improve transparency and accountability in relation to government tenders.